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by VerticalResponse

The iDome from uwe adds to their line of World Class Tanning® equipment

This tanning unit sets a new standard for stand ups. Exciting design and exterior illumination create a colorful light show in six colors.
All the features uwe is known for are included in this one of a kind tanning machine. Misty Breeze® emits a fine mist from the strategically placed jet to cool and refresh.

Aroma releases different compositions of scents that relax, calm, stimulate and vitalize. PowerSpot® Swing® facials is the only “Facial System” with an international patent featuring slowly rotating PowerSpot® lamps that provide full coverage for the face, neck and upper body. You can also take your music with you, while you tan. The MP3 player compatible sound system first featured in the iBed lets your customer be in charge of their music. Be the first in your area to own the iDome. Check out the iDome Page or call 1-800 FAST TAN (1-800-327-8826) and find out more about the World Class Tanning iDome.

The iBed™

iBed™ innovation. You wanted more, now we’re giving you more. The iBed™ is packed with performance, design and innovation. Swing Technology™ tans every part of the face, neck, and chest using slowly rotating PowerSpot® tanning lamps.

The unique sound system with subwoofer guarantees perfect sound. Listen to music right from your MP3 player.

AfterBronzer® allows you four additional minutes of facial time exposure for this hard to tan area. Rounding out these features is the cooling sensation of Misty Breeze®. The iBed™ is uwe innovation at its best.

Check out the iBed Page or call 1-800 FAST TAN (1-800-327-8826) and get up to speed on all the features.

Your Tanning Solution®

From site selection and salon design/layout, to choosing the best equipment and lotions for your market, PC Marketing is Your Tanning Solution®.

As your solution provider for everything to do with indoor tanning, we will help you achieve and maintain your competitive edge.

New and innovative equipment from uwe® and Montego Bay® will keep your clients coming back and spark interest in prospective clients. Our Lotion Representatives will keep you current with the latest trends in lotions.

Our Support Staff is standing by to help you with troubleshooting, maintenance, ordering replacement parts and lamps, and anything else you may need assistance with.

Equipment. Lamps. Lotions. Parts. Service. PC Marketing is Your Tanning Solution. [More]